We invest in the development of people.
People Solutions.
Software with a Purpose.
Software solutions that connect, develop and grow your teams.
We are better together.
Join us in equipping and empowering the public sector for change.

Who We Are

Anu builds creative solutions that apps|
you to unlock your potential and maximize your influence.

What We Do

We are people-focused and we develop really stellar software.


Anu's online learning management system was developed to help build healthy and engaged organizations. Equip your teams with the information, support and tools they need through a flexible and sustainable platform.


Your team has a purpose and we want to empower that purpose through partnership. We will connect you with Leadership Partners who are experts in the industry to help you take your leadership and organizational health to the next level.


Anu provides opportunities for your teams to connect, share ideas, and learn together with flexible online collaborative tools. Access inspiring content to ignite your personal and organizational growth.

Our Core

We are your partners for growth.

  • Vision & Mission

    Our purpose is to see yours fulfilled.


    We create solutions and connect organizations to online tools that equip, content that engages, and relationships that empower you for influence.

  • Values


    We believe in order to lead well we must serve well. 


    We believe we are better together. The Anu team approaches every relationship as a partnership and every situation with a "we" mentality.


    Anu is committed to doing the right thing with intentionality in every decision, in every relationship, every time.


    Anu celebrates ideas, creativity, and curiosity! We grow when we wonder.


    Relationships are what matter. We believe that investing in people is the most important thing we can do.

  • Our Story

    Anu was born from a need to bridge relationships and connect people to a larger mission. Anu strives to bring people together to serve a greater good. We believe that anything worth doing is worth doing together.


    Anu is togetherness.


    We are a Minnesota, people-first company affiliated with Krengel Technology Inc, a company that has been developing software and people for over 20 years.

Better Together Initiative

Let's do something together.

The Better Together Initiative is an open invitation to link arms with Anu to equip non-profit, education, and social service organizations for influence. Anu is committed to supporting teams that daily live out servant-leadership in order to meet some of the deepest needs in our communities. Anu is a team of Connectors and software developers who are looking for leadership coaches to partner with us in equipping and empowering the public sector for change.

Contact us to learn more about how you can partner with us!

Our Solutions

Learning Management System
Not just another LMS.

Energize and motivate your team with an LMS that goes beyond information transfer. Anu’s unique set of collaborative tools, Notebook feature, and simple design allow you and your team to focus on what really matters.

Leadership Partners
Leadership Partners
Connecting you to opportunity.

We partner with leadership development organizations and consultants who exist to serve, coach and mentor you in aligning your organization’s purpose and establishing a healthy culture. If you want to become one of our Leadership Partners, or if your team is seeking mentorship, contact us to learn more.

The Trailhead
Content that inspires.

We created The Trailhead as a central location for influence-driven content to keep you and your team informed, engaged, and energized so you don't have to stay stuck in patterns that aren't working. Gain inspiration and discover what's working for teams at The Trailhead. Hear from leading experts in organizational health and leadership development.

Candice Deal-Bartell

Lead Team

Candice Deal-Bartell

Lead Team

Former educator. Life-long learner. Coffee connoisseur. Chocolate lover. Mama Bear. Idea incubator. Unicorn believer.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Email: cdealbartell@anu.solutions
Phone: 612.216.3875

Hannah Burton

Lead Team

Hannah Burton

Lead Team

Licensed Graduate Social Worker. Experience in non-profit and social service settings. Passionately curious. Find her on the Minneapolis trails or in her canoe.

"If you get, give. If you learn, teach." -Maya Angelou

Email: hburton@anu.solutions
Phone: 612.284.3371

Andrei Tyuhai

Code Ninjaneer

Andrei Tyuhai

Code Ninjaneer

Web Kung Fu Specialist. Eater. Sleeper. All things doer. When not working, find Andrei in the wild traveling, at the bar, gym, near the water or on the bicycle.

"Hate when the computer thinks he is smarter than me."

Email: atyuhai@anu.solutions

Quentin Krengel


Quentin Krengel


Team liberator, success concierge, solution guru.

Email: quentin@krengeltech.com
Phone: 612.508.5017

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